Found 16th Apr 2008

I'm using iLiberty to hack my new iphone.

I've just started using it and it's got stuck on 'booting ramdisk...'. What does it mean?

Can someone please help me with this problem
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let's hope it's not bricked.
theres reason enough to use ziphone.... tried and tested, and so many other people could offer support, I very mucy doubt anyone will have used liberty so wont be able to help.
Use Ziphone-the best!!!!
Knackered :roll:
Have you pressed something during the boot?
think i gonna use ziphone, just watched a vid and seems good enuff to me

think i gonna use ziphone, just watched a vid and seems good enuff to me

ONLY Ziphone,we have unlocked hundreds of handsest,not a single problem untill now.
wow that was easy, took just over 2 mins with ziphone, all unlocked and ready to go
[SIZE=7]72mm Engineers blue[/SIZE]
and this is why i advised ziphone to you earlier! one click and your sorted!
Some really (un)helpful comments there.... I have to ask - why bother?

I had this too, with a brand new, unactivated phone from O2, using iLiberty+
I went to the Other Tools tab, and selected "Jump Out of Recovery Mode"
At this point, the Jailbreak/Unlock/Activation re-started and ran to completion.

However, I then had another problem - no Carrier detected. Don't panic (again!)
Apart from that the phone was working, and only then discovered it was a 1.1.2 firmware (I don't know a way of telling the firmware version until the phone is activated).
WiFi was working OK.

Re-started iTunes, which asked to Update to 1.1.4, which I did.
Although the phone was still activated at the end of this process, it became de-activated again as soon as I power-cycled it, and went back to the O2 Activation page on iTunes.

So, re-ran iLiberty+ again, exactly the same options (downgrade bootloader etc.)
This time, there was no freezing at the booting ramdisk point.
This completed OK, and this time, the Carrier was detected OK. Vodafone SIM works fine.
Now have 1.1.4 phone Jailbroken, Unlocked and Activated and working perfectly.

Hope this helps.

your one is the one on the left
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