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Hi all little information required. I have been looking into buying a Iphone on contract £35 per month phone costs £99. But if i bought it through O2 buisness account for £35 per month i could get the phone for free. I dont have a buisness or im not linked to a buisness but are there any problems i need to know about or would O2 stop me buying the phone this way

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dont you need to buy at least 5 for it to qualify for a buisness contract?

no had a look myself and can buy for single user but they do need company number if ltd or details of sole trader, also asked for VAT number if applicable. Was going to go for a similar deal, but all business deals are 24months and also all prices exclude VAT.

Settled on £45 inc Vat, 18 month contract 1200 minutes plus 500 text and paid £50approx for iphone 3g 16gb, quidco available to value of £45.

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thanks for that

a month ago i looked into the biz account too (it's for work) but it turns out more expensive in the long run. so i too got the £45 pm contract. the only inconvenience is you're personally credit checked to get the contract ie the first payment is from your own account even if you switch it to biz bank account asap for direct debit.

ps: dont forget quidco for carphone warehouse if you're planning to purchase from them.

pps: also beware of the rogue insurance companies (they say they're from the "insurance centre" and use various tricks to get your details without you realising it's not the insurance company, so dont give any details. there's something funny going on ie where they get the info from. i have put a complaint to both CPW and O2 about sharing details, both deny knowledge of it)

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this is all the info i need thanks all

On bsn tarif is 24 m contract but after 12 u can upgrade the phone


On bsn tarif is 24 m contract but after 12 u can upgrade the phone

m understanding is that the other twelve months still hangs around so when you upgrade you then have a new 2 year period, so it will catch up with you one day!!
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