iPhone + Car Audio - Which Device is best for me?

    Ok, so heres the situation:

    I have an iPhone 3Gs and want to be able to be able to connect this to my car stereo and also have a steering wheel mount so i dont have to lean over and potentially endanger myself while driving lol.

    I've got an 08 Ford Focus which does have the Bluetooth facility on the headunit (6000CD i think) Pic in 1st post. The headunit allows me to connect and make audio calls but not to stream music.

    So the long and short is i'm looking for a suggestion that will allow me to
    a: control the audio from the wheel.
    b: charge the phone
    c: provide a connection (not 3.5mm as no connection) to the headunit.

    I've had a good scour of the interweb, but cant find anything definitive.

    Thanks in advance people


    Original Poster

    Have a look at ]http//ww…uk/

    I bought an AUX adapter for my 06 Ford Ka from there. The Ka cd player doesn't have a 3.5mm connection but the adapter plugs into a connection at the back of the CD unit (think it's for if you want to fit extra speakers). This then gives you a 3.5mm connection, allowing you to play any such device (I use my iPhone).

    You can also get iPod specific ones which allow you to charge it etc. My car doesn't have steering wheel controls, so I couldn't comment on that.

    It was very simple to do.

    Think the top product looks like the right thing.

    (I bought the actual adapter from Ebay)

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi CC, thanks for the response, i'll certainly take a peek. Repped.

    Finally got a half decent cradle for the car, so just need to find something to get it into the stereo now.

    check out these:

    parrot mki9000
    parrot mki9100
    parrot mki9200

    they fit all your specs

    Personally im going to go with an mki9100 :thumbsup:
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