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    Hey, i would like to be able to play music from my iPhone through my car speakers aswell as being able to answer the phone handsfree, i drive a saxo, what would i need to be able to do this? Do i need a new headunit, (i have cd player which came with the car in there atm)




    theres headunits out there designed for your needs, worth a look on halfords website

    or a iphone holder which connects to the headphone jack on the headunit, i think

    bluetooth kits…_-1

    this can be had cheaper it was a quick google search…tml

    halfords price…474


    [COLOR="DarkRed"]Heres the head unit I have:…tml

    It's got great connectivity - bluetooth, rear usb (or front usb, depending where you put the bluetooth usb thingy), Aux In on the front for any none-usb devices.

    Super quick even on a 80gb ipod as well, and full phone/phonebook support with iphones (and any other phone I guess!)

    Cheapo option: Buy a FM Transmitter[/COLOR]
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