Iphone contract which is best???

    Looking to get an iphone, but would like to get the internet on it (after unlocking it). What is the cheapest way to do this. I generally use around 50mins and 600txts a month. But would also like to get unlimited web browsing on my iphone.

    Are there any contract that i can take out to get both parts satified?

    Would it be better to take out a contract with a company like CPW (with free phone and cashback)....sell the phone, get cashback and any other offers that are on to finance the contract?

    If not a sim only deal would be another idea? But would i have to pay over the odds for the internet with certain companies?


    the best way to do it (in my eyes) is with a sim only deal. most carriers have a £15 a month sim only contract which only has a minimum of 30 days on it. Then you can add a limited/unlimited data bolt on (depending on your chosen carrier) and these are around the £7.50 - £8 mark.

    eg if you go for O2

    Simplicity £15 p/m gives you 200 mins and 400 texts
    unlimited data bolt-on is £7.50
    £22.50 p/m

    Whatever you do let me know, I am due a new phone soon and am seriously considering it.

    try ]this and look at the second one down - O2, free Nokia 6300, 400 mins, 500 txts, after cashback equiv to £2.99 per month line rental, add on unlimited data bolt on = £10.49 per month and you can flog the phone on fleabay.

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    not a bad deal papa, phone's can be sold for about £60 on ebay. not sure how you claim all the cashback for it though. but has to be the best way to go.

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    theres a possible £36.50 cashback on top of that aswell.

    It has now gone down to effectively £1.99 a month after redemption. Absolutely unbelievable deal.

    £50 cashback for 02 contracts via Quidco for E2Save also.

    Does anyone know if the inclusive 500 texts can be used for MMS like their simplicity and pay&go sims, e.g. 1 picture message is equivalent to 3 texts?

    On second thoughts, the reviews people are giving E2Save are shockingly bad with regards to their cashbacks.
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