Found 24th Jun 2009
Hi all,

I have a 3GS & always listen to my music by album, not artist.

If I touch the iPod symbol, then goto more, albums - it takes me to the Albums screen, which is great. I can play the albums with no problems from here.

If I then turn the iPhone on it's side to initiate the Cover Flow, it sorts the list by artist, not album.

If your like me & have a load of compilation CD's (i.e Ministry of sound for instance), I'll have say 100 Ministry of sound album covers displayed, each one covering 1 artist !!!

Can't you just change it to display the actual CD album itself ??

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you could change it in itunes i think.

Original Poster

Any ideas where ?

it will be under album or artist i think it will say either :-
minstery of sound ft big bob
minestry of sound ft little bob
if you change them all to the same thing for each album then hopefully it will work.
i had a similar thing with some of mine albums when you you get a special guest on one of the songs nad it adds an extra album sleeve on to it. so i needed to change the track info to match that of the rest of the songs on the album.
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