iPhone data charges

    I have an old unlocked iPhone and I keep getting charged fo data and web browsing when I leave the house. How do I prevent this please??? I will give rep to useful solutions, but please, I don't wnt to shell out money on unlimited data packages


    get a 3g iphone sim - 1 year unlimited data for nowt :-D

    Or i think there's a wee app you can download that switches off the data completely....

    depending on what software your running you should be able to got to setup then network and turn off data roaming. otherwise just delete the network settings for data

    Hi what I did for my son was contacted t mobile and they turned off the data so he just uses the wifi option and then text and calls as normal.
    hope this helps, it worked for us.

    Your problem is it's meant to be connected all the time that's why, when you get it on contract, it comes with an unlimited data bundle. All you can do is go through the apps and either switch off or disable any that need internet access.
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