Iphone depreciation, wow its not as bad as i thought, anyone else have similar experiences?

    Picked up my iphone 6 last July 2015 for £290 off forums. Unlocked it for £8.99. So call it £300 all in.

    Just sold it today 2016 for £280. Literally £20 depreciation in a year. Not too shabby.

    Anyone else have similar stories lol


    Always hold value well

    after two years value goes down hill like a French car. the only reason you don't feed depreciation because the first buyer suffered it after may be one year.

    30 months ago bought 2 5s brand new before end of two years one mother board got faulty and battery won't go over 56% other one still working but price I was getting was under 150 so didn't even bother to sell it. my 300 £ iPhone 5 bought in same time now worth 80

    That's why apple rule

    Among other reasons

    You sold a 6 for £280, I need to do the same

    Original Poster


    You sold a 6 for £280, I need to do the same


    Ps I got mine for £280 as well on August 2014 with new screen and camera fitted from Apple

    note 4 is another one holding value
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