Iphone Docking Station AND PC Speaker

    Is there anything that can do both. Need something that has a speaker to play Iphone songs, but also has a line in or aux etc so i can hook up the computer to it as a speaker set.

    thanks in advance and apologies for the lack of grammar, punctuation etc lol.




    There are some pc speaker sets that come with an ipod dock including some from sony, creative and logitech but you could always just use a normal ipod dock and connect it to your pc with the line in cable i suppose. My tannoy i30 was always connected to my pc as is my sony hifi that has an ipod dock

    I've just opened my Logitch LS21s.

    You can hook them up to your pc and then when you want to listen to your ipod/itouch/iphone you just pull the jack plug out the pc and plug it into your headphone socket on your device.

    I posted about this recently - OTTAVO DOCK and purchased one for my 9yr old.

    It arrived the other day and is really good quality, and has a AUX port, I think you can also get it in black on Amazon if pink isn't for you!
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