iphone email help....i dont want it to continually put on old emails

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Found 28th Oct 2010
Recently got my first iphone. I have set up the email and it seems to be working. My problem is that when i delete an email the phone grabs another old one off my laptop. In the settings i can have 25, 50, 100 emails etc. Personally i would prefer to have none other than the new ones that come in and ones that i decide i want on there. I feel for me this is better for security.
Whatever i do if i delete one it will grab another to maintain my list of 25. Is it possible to do something to stop this.

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I'm not sure you can change this other than reduce the number of stored emails - I could be wrong though. It annoying however to delete one email only for it to grab an old one to replace it with!

Set 'mail days to sync' to 1 day or something similar, so it only has the most recent.

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email is 1and1
I have set my list to the least which is 25. I cant believe you have to have a list. Also dont like how you have to delete individually no select all type button but thats another grype.

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Hi babbabooey (weird i dont have the options at the side of yours to reply)
Is that something i would do on the phone settings cant even say i have seen it say sync anywhere. Maybe i am not looking in the right place.
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