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    Does anyone know of any iPhone Music Extraction software for PC. Hopefully for free! Recently had a portable HDD fail when I was mid way through transferring my whole music collection. Haven't connected my iPhone so have access to all my music on my phone only. Would like to extract the music and put it back onto my PC/Laptop HDD.


    why cant u use senutti or itunes?

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    itunes will sync to the new library which has no music. therefore i will lose all the music I have saved on my iPhone, and isn't senuti a mac only program? Plus paying for the priveledge of transferring my music is something i'd like to avoid if possible. Most programs only let you transfer say 250 songs free, but i've got over 1500 that I want to transfer back to my PC!

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    the porter;6521495

    can you not ssh into your iphone and then drag it all out manually


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    Found a piece of software iPhoneBrowser letting me rip and copy all the music on my phone. Shame they are filed in iTunes random order and names! Hopefully when I add the files to iTunes it will do the rest.:)
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