iphone fools

    after having a quick look on a popular auction site you start to see why this world is so messed up when people pay stupid amounts of money for things 170438632050


    obviously an error, but serves em right, should read the listing fools

    1.... ebay, you will not go to hell if you say this word.

    2. not restricted to the iphone, idiots fall for this kind of thing day in day out by not reading the description, totally their own fault.

    in the description it says no inserts (so box is empty) - yet title says inserts are included.
    So i think seller is purposely fooling buyers. Although they should read through all the info. When i place bids - i read through all info - check background of seller and ask any questions before bidding.

    Im sure the winner will either not pay or will get refunded.

    Yeah, seen ps3 boxes and iphone boxes being sold before - some one is gonna be gutted. Wonder if ebay will cancel the transaction?


    I have some old pizza boxes do u think they would sell

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    I've sold some Mac Pro and MacBook Pro boxes on ebay in the past. They fetch a fair bit, not the sort of money the iphone box went for mind. It's surprising how many people want the box to their Mac so they can sell on for more than if it wasn't boxed.
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