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    Hi all

    My Shure E2C's have finally given up after 3 years :-) Sadly outside of guarantee, so it is time to look at replacing them.

    I am looking to spend between £40-£70, but could maybe stretch to £100 & would really appreciate some advise on what to replace them with.

    They will be used to listen to a wide variety of music, but mainly stuff with a good Bass line, so would like the headphones to have a good quality sound, but be able to deliver a well driven bass. The Shures have been amazing, so something of a similar quality would be perfect. I also like the sound/noise isolating feature.

    I have been looking around on Google and come across a few that seem ok.

    Sennheiser CX 95 (£45)
    Shure SE210 (£65)
    SE310 (£109)

    Any or advise or guidance you can give would be well appreciated & rep will be left accordingly




    the sony MDR-EX90 headphones are fantastic!! if u can find them though because they are discontinued!! but awesome!!

    I have a pair of Sennhesier MM50 if you are interested..

    From what i have used of them they are excellent and well worth the money..

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the reply's guys, will check out the Sony's..... Wonder if I can find them in store somewhere.

    What is the Bass like on them? I do like my DnB, Hardocroe & even some Gabber at times, so Bass is a must ;-)

    i have bose in ear best headphone i have ever had dont listen to people say the buds fall of the new models have a catch that holds them on so no issue plus if you buy them you can try them for 3 months and if not happy return for full refund , and i bet you wont send them back sound great
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