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    Hey. I have got the old iphone. Just recently when i click on the ipod icon, it loads the screen with the songs then it closes itself down. I have switched the device onand off, recharged it etc. but it is still doing the same thing. Thus i was wondering if any1 had experienced the same problem or knew what this wasabout and how to fix it?

    Thanks In Advance


    is it under warranty?

    Original Poster

    yh it is

    But i have used ziphone to jailbreak it.

    Have you tried shaken it.?

    Original Poster

    i just tried that now and doesnt work.

    Maybe restore and re jailbreak.

    Some of the Installer software messes up the iphone, or thats what I have found.

    Original Poster

    ok thanks.

    i have found how to restore. so i will try that now
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