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    hi i have been given the iphone 2g from a family member who has upgraded. the probelm is that the wifi card has gone and apple cannot do anything about it because the screen is slightly cracked and this means that it is no longer under warranty.
    just wanted to know could o2 fix it for me or do i have to get it repaired for 139 pounds.


    If apple wont repair under warranty i very much doubt if anyone will. They will put it down to user damage.

    As per above, O2 will not repair

    If a repair would cost £139 i'd say write it off, you can pick used ones up on the bay and even here for less, sounds like the one you have has had a rough life so if things are that bad................


    When I was in the Apple Store a few weeks ago getting my 3G replaced I mentioned that my old 2G has a completely smashed screen and asked whether it could be repaired. He said if we paid them £160 (I think) they'd replace the phone. Have to say I raised an eyebrow at this but it my be worth exploring?

    may be worth checking if its covered by your home insurance
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