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Posted 22nd Feb
So my iPhone has done this twice in the past month. I randomly get this notification on my screen asking me to log in to my emails again because I’ve been signed out. ? I did not sign out myself? Thought my emails got hacked so I’m trying to log in from the Microsoft website but the website keeps failing and saying there’s an error. I can still send and receive emails on my phone so it’s not signed out? I’m so confused and worried. Can iPhones be hacked ? I have almost recent software aswell. Help please
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Happened to me aswell, maybe a software glitch?
Same happened to me earlier
Same happening to me
+1 on my spammy spare live.co.uk email addu
Outlook is definitely having problems lately, mine was just plain weird 2 weeks ago with what was happening to it, an update fixed it, then we had the exact same issue yesterday on the missus phone
I get it though only use web link icon. (App not my cup of tea)
If it's work email, contact it support they will need to fix exchange issues by deleting old saved accounts password details happened to me a few tjmea both on iOS and Android
It happens to me on android on yahoo which I think it's odd as well.
Same happened too me started after I logged into office word from a new iPad !
Got same messages on all my Microsoft accounts on the ipads, so either software glitch or maybe a security token has expired. I just ignored it for now
Happened on my live account. When your email can’t connect to the server (on iPhone), it always asks for the password.
Happened to me on one of my accounts yesterday and another account today.
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It’s not the phone it’s the email account lol, if you have trouble on other devices accessing email.

do you get the same trouble with other email accounts like iCloud or gmail?
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