Iphone help . . . . . .

    Ok, missus dropped it. No getting around it.

    Now she's dropped it on the top corner where the mute/silent button is and its stuck on. Now Apple want £140 to fix it but i'm fairly sure they see my wallet as a potential rape victim.

    Anyone had any problems like this? Or does anyone know cheaper fixes than essentially a new phone?

    Cheers Peeps


    Hmm tough one mate, they usually won't unless it was their fault (like a software problem).
    I had a similar probelm with my samsung a few years ago where i broke the screen and literally couldn't see it! I took it back to o2 (where i took out the contract) and argued that even though it was my stupid fault that it's broke, i can't use the phone and therefore can't use my contract and rack up lots of minutes.
    After a hefty argument they agreed to repair it.
    However, this was a few years ago and this was when o2 had an instore repair bloke.
    Might be worth a try?

    whats the excess on your household insurance:whistling:

    two tin cans attached by string, give one end to wife.

    Does it look dented? If not I'd be tempted to do an online repair request and just say the button is faulty. Tell no fibs, but theres no harm in keeping some of the details such as 'dropped' to yourself.

    I think is may be a little illegal, but taking mobile phone insurance, waiting a month or two, then claiming....

    Think it may be fraud?
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