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    I just got a Iphone 3G a couple weeks ago and it was working fine, but when I tried to use it today some of the screen would not work (a line of the touchscreen). Turning it off and on does not make a difference.

    I was wondering if anyone knew the best thing to do, and if anyone has had any simular experiences?

    Should I take it to o2 or apple? and do they collect the phone from me?

    any advice would be much appreciated


    o2 will just say take it to apple.
    Your touchscreen will have failed.

    Apple will collect the phone from you.

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    Cheers t0mm

    Should I bother going to the o2 store then, or just ring Apple?


    Cheers t0mmShould I bother going to the o2 store then, or just ring Apple?

    I'd just ring apple, especially as the o2 store doesnt sell the 16GB 3G anymore.

    When my IPhone went wrong within 28 days of purchase O2 simply switched it for a new one.
    If yours is within this time frame I'd ask O2 for a replacement.
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