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    Was wondering if I buy a unlocked/jailbroken iphone 8gb 3g or the 2g version, could i use a sim only plan from ether 3 or O2 will I still have the full features of the phone such as internet?

    how much should i be looking to pay for a 2g or 3g iphone that has been unlocked/jailbroken?

    thanks in advanced


    Yes, you would have full access to features... You would need to enter the Internet settings manually. I bought my 3g 4mths ago and have been using a Tmobile contract sim in there with no problems at all. A 2g iPhone will cost between about £150-£200, and a 3g about £200-£300.

    A 3 sim will onky work in a 3g upwards so ive been told.
    Any other network sim should work in a 2g one though.

    There's no point in paying anything extra for a jail broken iPhone unless they are offering to do it for free
    BTW - If you want to go to the 3 network you will need the 3g iphone I have the 2g version and want to switch to 3 but I am not interested in paying 200 -300 for a 3g. I am going to wait for the newer version to come out in july (i think) all the people will be interested in that so the prices should drop :-D

    you could buy either 2g or 3g and search out one of the original PAYG iPhone sims that go on fleabay from time to time which include free internet for twelve months.... well worth it if you intend to use a lot of internet access as it can be expensive on most PAYG contacts

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    Thanks , rep added for you lot.


    you will still be able to use the internet features etc providing your service provider send you the correct settings

    Whether you are charged for this or not depends on the plan you sign up for

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    how easy are the 8gb 3g to jailbreak


    how easy are the 8gb 3g to jailbreak

    very easy ..... go to [url][/url]
    Everything you need is there......

    I have just checked and the site seems to be down..

    checked again and its back up, click on the tutorials icon at the bottom then go for iPhone
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