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    I got an iPhone for Xmas and I jailbroke it I have now removed the jailbrake but my battery takes 12 hours to fully charge and I get less than 4 hours usage from it also my headphone jack will no longer play songs through my headphones my phone is in a good genral condition but will a litlle scratch next to the home button will I be able to take it back to apple it's now fully restored and will they offer me a refund or just a replacements thanks


    They will repair it first, or try to, then if they can't they should replace it. It may be a refurb, however if you have had the phone for less than 28 days, then I think they will give you a new one as a replacement there and then.

    Did you order it online or instore.
    If so, was it direct from Apple, or a phone store?

    Make sure not to tell them you tried to Jailbreak it, also, is it on contract or Pay As You Go?

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    Hi gummer it's more than 28days old as I had it as xmas present it's on payg and it wa bought direct from apple store yh I know not to tell them but will they be able to see thanks for help

    what you need to do is restore the phone back to its original settings in itunes, that will remove jailbreak and any apps u downloaded from being it jailbroken. They wont be able to tell if you jail broke it. Then book an appointment at the apple store @ the genius bar. They should givbe you another phone.

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    Thanks yeh i've restored it do I need to make an apointment or can I just turn up and is there any chance I'll get a refund
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