iphone help!

    so i go tmy iphone 3gs today and wa sstupid enough to think it would b easy to use lol
    i thought id put music on and i could select anysong to be a ringtone??? can i not do this as i cant seem to find a way lol
    any help would dbe very grateful and i will rep everyone thanks

    ps i think ill be asking alot more lol sorry xx


    No you can't do that but there are apps which let you do this and also other methods (search google) Cydia also has many ringtones if you are jailbroken :thumbsup:

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    not jailbroken dont even know how lol and knowing my luck it would break my nice new phone i got today lol repped ya anyway thanks

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    thanks have repped you will give this a try lol xx


    thanks have repped you will give this a try lol xx

    +1 this method does work!!!

    I love creating ringtones for my phone - have 7 custom made tones so far :-D

    Personally I use Techlogg ToneShop it's free!

    Choose a file to import (usually mp3), Choose a filetype to come out of it (ringtone m4r) and click "Convert" *or choose the time position of the file you want to convert.

    Drag into iTunes.

    Easy as pie!


    or use iringer

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    :oops:i cant do it lol get to step 14 and cant do anymore soooo dumb

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    have repped you all for answering anyway thanks xx

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    or use iringer

    THANKYOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much lol this was so much easier will follow u round and keep repping u LOL :-D

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    just need to work out how to delay it now pmsl!


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