Found 26th Feb 2010
Right so i have changed my contract so i get unlimited internet...but i want to know how to set the phone up when it comes because at the mooment it wont let me connect to the internet unless i am connected to a wireless router or somethign

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What Network?

You will need either a good 3G signal or a wireless signal either from your own home/store/business etc to connect to the internet. I think you can connect with a normal mobile signal, but its much slower...

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im on can i not use the internet if if the 3g sign isnt on


im on can i not use the internet if if the 3g sign isnt on

You can use the internet as long as you have a signal, if it's not a 3G area it just means you'll have a slower connection.

Was the iPhone on O2 as well ? If not it need the O2 setting for internet ect. . .
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