iPhone help!

    Currently own a 16GB 3GS, officially unlocked by O2, in warranty until Jan 2011. My screen has dust underneath it, which as I understand warrants a replacement. The previous plan was to wait until the new Windows 7 Phones came out, get the iPhone replaced and then sell it immediately after to fund the W7 phone. However, typical Steve Jobs has gone and announced that Apple are replacing the 16GB and 32GB 3GS with only an 8GB. My question is whether I should go an exchange my phone before June 25th so I can get another 16GB, or is it better to wait try and exchange it later in hope for the 4g?


    I very much doubt they will replace it for the iphone 4, they still have many new and refurnished 3gs iphones.


    here is the new iPhone, improved battery life, but only over short distances

    Lol, I just checked my warranty and it is valid until 2nd may 2011; even though I began using it at the beginning of December 2009.

    I just realised why, too!

    I originally just immediately hacktivated my device with blackra1n when I got it in december; and therefore the warranty was not activated then on apples servers.

    But then when the spirit jailbreak ( which I needed for untethered) came out on 3rd May this year, I had to officially activate it for spirit to work. So I effectively got 5 months of free warranty! :whistling:

    I'm hoping that they run out of refurb 32gb 3GS supplies by December. You never know, we could bag ourselves a 4th gen!

    hahaha....seriously you will NOT get an iphone 4

    They replace like for like. The stores have referb stock of everything, my wife took in a first gen iPod touch and they even had those to swap out with.
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