Iphone help!

I currently have a mobile contract with orange. I have a sony erricson w995 but would prefer a iphone. Im dont know how much they are worth liek differnt models etc, but I am looking to spend about 250, for a used one.

Any suggestions what model to get?
How much to spend on that model?
If I get a unlocked phone can I just put my sim card i got now in it, and it wont affect my contract?

and what is all that jailbroken iphone stuff about?

thanks if you can help me =]


For that kind of money you are probably looking at a 3G.

I have a 3GS, my Mrs has a 3G. The 3GS does seem slightly quicker over the 3G in terms of opening apps and generally other things.

3GS model probably set you back around £300 mark, but prices should come down when there are more on the market after people have upgraded to the 4th Gen.

Jailbreaking - I haven't done this yet, but very basically it opens up the phone to give you more flexibility and the ability to download loads of apps for free instead of through the usual channels. My 12 year old jailbroke his ipod touch so it can't be that hard...!

get a 3gs as you can upgrade it to iOS4 free on June 21st
the 3g doesnt have the ram to run all on the things on iOS4

Original Poster

thanks everyone, one more question,

i have a normal sim card,

if i put that into a 3g phone, will the phone fully work to the best of its ability or do i need to get a 3g simcard?

You will probably get the most out of your sim as long as it has 3G capability. Most sims will have this these days. Can you get a 3G signal on your current phone?

If you get an iPhone that's unlocked, then you should be ok. Just need to make a few adjustments to the settings for browsing/MMS etc, but I would imagine that google will be your friend there, depending on which network you're on.
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