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    I am supposed to be getting an iphone for my birthday next week, it is used and has a crack on the screen. Any ideas where I can get it repaired, obviously the cheaper the better. Apple store wants £135, which at the moment is WAY beyond my budget.

    Hope you guys and gals can come up trumps for me!


    The actual glass (if that's the only thing cracked, but the display is fine) will cost around £10-15. If its the entire thing ie. glass/display, the lot, then that's gonna cost around £50-70. Cost of fitting replacement (if u don't wanna do it yrself) will probably be around £20-30. So yr looking at a cost of around £70-100

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    it's pretty much just the glass, I mean I could live with it I guess. At least until I can afford the new screen. It's still in full working order so that's all that matters.

    Thanks for the info!

    The going rate for such repairs around my way are around the £70-100 mark (inc. new screen).
    Hv a look at item 120591523354 on ebay.
    I've never used this guy but he seems cheap & appears to be genuine, also, read his warnings abt other such sellers on ebay.

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    awesome, i will have a look!

    I'd get it done at apple
    The savings arnt massive going to a local shop
    And you know apple will do a first class job

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    that's true mate thanks.

    by the way loving cyanide and happiness!

    you can uy the complete digitiser here for £55

    i've used them and they are really quick

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    i think it's a lowly 2nd gen, does that matter?
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