iphone help

    I have an iphone 3gs locked to vodaphone but I really want to use my contract t-mobile sim, is it possible to get it unlocked? would I have to contact vodaphone to do this, my local phone shop said they don't have the software to unlock this phone yet.
    thanks in advance for any advice
    hope this is now posed in the right place


    Vodafone will not unlock the iPhone. You'll just have to jailbreak it to unlock it.

    It all depends on how long you had contract for.if you are close to the end of contact they do unlock but even if you are not to the end of contract it's still worth trying. Most of the networks do unlock the iPhone (only variation is some do at the end of the contract some do anytime e.g 02 I had 2 iPhones unlocked few months after having contract) except iPhone 4 as it's still new in the Market
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