iPhone Help - Passing to New Owner

Tomorrow i'm meeting someone who is hopefully going to buy my iPhone.

As it;s currently in use i don't want to clear and restore it in iTunes now, just in case the purchaser doesn't go ahead.

But if i take everything with me tomorrow and he does want to buy, is the best and safest way for me to "Erase All Content & Settings" on the phone handset and then advise him he must connect this to Itunes to do the restore (as this in effect deletes the IOS on the phone)?

Am i right by saying that Erase all Settings will not wipe out my contacts, saved passwords etc etc??



Restore it now and then if he doesn't want it sync it back.

Erase All Content and Settings will wipe off the whole shabang.

should erase it all. thats what apple did to my phone when i had to exchange it as mine broke.

"Erase All Content & Settings" usually puts the phone in a boot loop

restore in itunes is the best way

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cheers guys!!
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