Iphone help please....

    I don't really know where to start...just having a bit of a mare (I'm far from tech zavvy, lol!)
    I bought an Iphone 3G off ebay about a month ago and want to update it, so have registered on itunes, but it's not doing as it should, as in saving what's on the phone onto itunes....
    Is it because the previous owner has already set it up on itunes?
    Arggghhhh can someone help me sort it out please?


    If you have your simcard in it, you've activated it (through itunes) and you're able to make calls etc then you should be ok. What happens when you connect it to your computer, does Itunes display the iphone as connected?

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    Hi, yeah it connects ti itunes but won't save the stuff off my phone onto if I was to update it I would lose all the studd I've paid for etc.

    if it's stuff you have legally paid for with your account you can download it again if you are logged in to your account, or you can go on to your account and view your purchases and download them again, if the purchases were already on the phone when you bought it then you will lose them unless you know the other owners login details:{

    Right click iPhone icon and hit transfer purchases
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