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Found 6th Dec 2009
Hi need some advice as want to buy husband an iphone for xmas and bamboozled by the options. Was thinking PAYG as dont use lots of minutes and texts but want internet. Whats the best plan of action? - his Three contract is about to finish he pays about £17/month at the moment.

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My hubby has the iphone 2g at the moment with the 02 simplicity tarriff with the internet add on.. he gets 600 minutes, 1200 texts and free internet for £20 a month (got the 100 quidco cashback too so makes it cheaper)

Ive just bought him the iphone 3g for xmas.. hes said hes not fussed about the 3gs so just got him the 3g from apple themselves as they give 4% cashback he will just put his o2 simplicaity sim card into the 3g at xmas and carry on with that

PAYG does come with free internet if you keep it topped up edit: My mistake, no need to keep it topped up thanks km, but in reality you won't save a lot over the course of the contract as iPhones are pretty expensive.
The iPhoneGS has a faster processor and a better camera and is regarded as a worthwhile advance from the iPhoneG.
Pricing for PAYG is as follows
iPhone 3G 8GB - £342.50
iPhone 3GS 16GB - £440.40
iPhone 3GS 32GB - £538.30
Obviously thats a pretty rough guide

Cheapest pay monthly contract will something like this carphonewarehouse.com/buy…UPG Which is just the 3G version, will still lock you down to an 18 month contract.

Yeah.. iPhones are pretty expensive you need to decide which model and pay structure will best suite you before you look for a decent deal. Also bear in mind that there is not much movement at all with these phones, prices are pretty much identical across all retailers.

Buy the phone on o2, and it comes with unlimited free internet for a year, then choose the tariff that suits you for the rest, according to what you like:


EDIT: in response to the previous post, you do NOT have to keep it topped up to get the free internet, that comes with the cost of the phone. After the 12 months internet bolt on can be bought for £10 a month.

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should i get it via the apple store (inc Quidco) or better to go direct?

I believe you can get support instore even if you bought online, no harm in popping into the shop to ask though.

Also, look at the quoted delivery date on the apple website? No point getting quidco if its not there by Christmas?
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