iPhone Help Wanted Please

    Hi All,

    Have just taken delivery of a new 8gb iPhone and would like to use as many of it's features as possible, but haven't a clue where to start!

    I would appreciate any tips / advice on software or downloads etc etc. The phone doesn't come with a user guide so it's a little difficult to get to know.

    Is there a quick way of transferring contacts from another phone? (when I tried to put another sim in and pressed the 'import SIM contacts' button, nothing happened!).

    Any useful programs??

    Anything that you have done on your's would probably be just as useful on mine, so please get in touch.

    Thanks in anticipation of your help




    For contacts..... have you tried putting your iPhone sim into your old phone and copying the phone contents to the sim? (If your contacts are on the old sim - you'd need to make sure they are on the old phone first.) Thats how I did mine anyway. Though I'm sure there is software to help edit...... I'm new to it also!

    Obviously the above would only work if your old phone isnt locked to another provider than O2.

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    I never thought of that . . . . thanks for the lateral thinking !



    You can download the user guide ]here. :thumbsup:

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    You can download the user guide ]here. :thumbsup:

    Thanks so much for this, much appreciated.




    ]Direct link to avoid navigating the site!!!!!!

    There is so much to learn about the Iphone....

    Firstly to start having fund with the Applications you can download for free: if you go to the App Store Icon you can search any application by category for example Games-> All Games then at the top bar you will find it says TOP FREE which are the top free games downloaded. This applies for all applications and there are a few good ones. It will ask you to "buy" (need to put your card details on the Apple Store website) and you will get a "receipt" by e-mail.
    You can download MMS (which is free at the moment - to receive and send MMS) - I also use Flixster - Movies it tell you all about latest box office movies (also dvd releases/upcoming movies) including trailers and times to view them in your local cinema!I have Shazam which I find it very useful if I m in a public place and hear a song a like but dont know by whom it is - I just tag it with this App and it tells me everything about the song!
    Ebay app, Facebook App, Notes, Translator, Wii Finder...Around me, tells you whats around your location....

    On that Weather Icon if you open it up and click on the little "i" sign at the bottom right corner you can add more locations.

    You can create your own ring tone too - very easy just follow this link:…es/

    If your phone "looses" internet connection do this Setting / General / Reset (at the very Bottom) Reset Network Settings

    To write in caps double tap the CAPS lock key!

    With O2 you need to call 2023 for Iphone Specialist Customer Service.

    Cant think of anything else right now but if you have any questions just ask, there arent a lot of Iphone users - but a lot of people that like slagging it off - but if I know the answer I will help!

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    Thanks very much Bikebarbie, that must've taken you ages.

    I love this site and the people on it

    Thanks again


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