iPhone internet

    I have a iphone and have put a voda sim in it.

    How do I access the internet via vodafone? So I can use it when I am out and about as it keeps telling me to pick a wifi signal.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


    I wouldnt recommend it unless you have unlimited downloads.

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    I wouldnt recommend it unless you have unlimited downloads.

    Ok, but how do I do use it via vodaphone?


    Yu can use it with vodafone by getting the network settings, these should be on their site, you will be charged normal wap prices, or in a wifi hotspot you can use wifi, alot are free or some have a small charge.

    u need the vodafone settings first... then enter them in the iphone

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    Thanks people.

    settings on edge are internet,wap,wap for vodafone.

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    Sorry for all the questions but does anyone know how I get to the edge settings on the iphone. I can only see the wifi settings.

    settings, general, network, edge

    I think sometimes the edge option is missing depending on what you used to unlock the phone.

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    settings, general, network, edge


    You're welcome.
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