iPhone Internet browsing charges with Orange - how much will I pay?

Found 24th Apr 2008
I'm very tempted by the cheapo 8gb Iphone. However don't wanna end up paying lots and lots on my Orange contract to use the internet.

In my understanding - the iPhone uses EDGE and Wi-Fi to connect. It's only when connecting via Edge that I will pay on my contract, is this correct?

I'm on the Orange Dolphin 35 plan, which states - maximum daily charge for data browsing is £1.50.

Can anyone shed any more light on the situation? I want to get the iPhone and one of its main attractive features is the use of youtube, BBC iPlayer etc...but not if I will pay £1.50 a day for it.

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the £1 unlimited usage is always a good one - for sure on PAYG but should work fine on contract

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Sorry what's that? It's not that I haven't read or searched, I have read a hell of a lot! But the iphone thread is about 17,000 pages long now...

You are correct WI-FI dosn't cost you anymore on your contract. As you will be using your home/office/other network system to browse the web.
Using EDGE/GPRS/WAP/HSPDA involves using your phone operator network system to browse the web, this is where you will be charged.

If you have a contract phone,u can use add-on,for £5 u get free evenings and weekends.For pay as you go £1 for a day.


I work for Orange Helpdesk,

If you have the package that caps your max charge to £1.50 every day, that means the max you can be charged in a day for wap use is £1.50 and after that it is free for the day. (fair usage limit but should be enough for normal use unless you connect it to a pc and use it as a modem)

I work for PAYG but surely Paym have more data bundles which will save you more money, have a quick chat with 150, hope this helps

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Or for £8 a month I get a 30 meg bundle - is this a fair size for browsing the internet on your mobile? As it doesn't sound that much...

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O right thanks Marian. £1.50 a day is pretty pricey, think I will give 150 a call. However the £8 bundle sounds the best at the moment.

You have to be very careful when using the iphone and the internet. You're browsing the full internet in all it's glory and paying for very bit of data you are downloading.
Nothing is compressed or reduced so you will be downloading a lot of data.
For example, your provider might charge you £3/mb.
1mb is equal to 1024kb.
This page is approx 155kb (without my reply added on) already.
So you'd be able to browse 6 pages equivalent to this page for £3. Not a good deal.
So just be careful!

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Yep thats what I thought. How about youtube videos - are they compressed, or could a whole 30mb limit be wiped out with 10 or less videos watched?

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Wait, unless I'm incorrect, isn't this page 15kb not 155?

Send me a link of a youtube video you might watch and I'll tell you it's size.


Wait, unless I'm incorrect, isn't this page 15kb not 155?

Here's the uncompleted list of all the data that complies this page:

Surprised? lol

Ps. That image adds 375kb

I think your probably better off going with another network provider. Orange are the worst when it comes to surfing on ur phone.

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That's not really an option, I have been with them for a while and really haggled on my last upgrade. I have never used the internet on a phone before therefore I have great minutes and texts (500 and unlimited) for £25 but no data package, so not keen on changing contract.

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Thats strange, I downloaded the page and your quite right, 150ish kb, however Firefox page info has it at 15kb when browsing - whys that?

Well how about the iphone unlock tutorial - youtube.com/wat…Mec

So how do other people keep costs down - because surely the internet browsing is one of the main iPhone features?

It's 5.6mb plus the rest of the page:


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Ok thanks for the help magic monkey, rep added.

So how do current iphone owners get on then - find you pay alot for browsing?

I suppose many people just have to wait until they're around a wifi hotspot before being able to go online while being out and about.
Depending on where you live of course. If you live in London where every Starbucks is a hotspot and there is a Starbucks on every other corner, it wouldn't be too hard to keep the costs down!

just bought new iphone, got it unlocked with ziphone-
want to only use wifi to keep costs down
but edge option doesn't show up in network settings,
only vpn, wifi and data roaming.
how do i know that i've switched edge off?
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