iPhone ipod timeline has disapeered

    ok let me try and explain
    you know when you play a song on your iphone it comes up with the volume bar at the bottom and a timeline at the top where you can forward to certain parts of a song
    well thats gone missing and i dont know how to get it back?
    i think theres also a shuffle and continious play option as well with the timeline thingy bar


    click on the album artwork when the song is playing.


    It disappears when you turn the iphone on its side. Are you holding it upright? or is that not the problem?


    While in portprait; tap the album art work (once) and they'll come back. Also might be worth using the Apple forum in the future.…ort

    Original Poster

    thanks, peeps
    how odd ive tried tapping the artwork before as its probably the most obvious thing to do! and nothing happened
    its appeared now thanks =)
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