iPhone issue! Contacts not working

    Hey People

    Have bought a white iPhone however when trying to import sim contacts it just goes back to the main screen? Any idea?

    It doesn't copy any contacts at all!

    Would appreciate any advice

    By the way it's on the 3.0 firmware



    i never knew there was an import sim contacts.

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    Yup in the settings menu


    i never knew there was an import sim contacts.

    me neither,normally synch with itunes


    i wouldnt touch these phones with a barge pole so many issues

    Cheers for your help.

    You could try bying a sim copier they are only a few of quid, not the answer to what you are asking but it could save you some stress

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    iPhone rules!

    Kept trying it and it finally worked!

    Now looking to choose a bolt on ..(simplicity contract)

    Theres one unlimited Wifi or unlimited Web....Which one is the best one to get?

    Silly question but I thought they were both the same lol

    if you are using a mac, try using "isync" to pull in your contact from your old phone find it: finder->applications->isync.

    then sync your phone with itunes and put them on the new iphone

    I copied contacts to SIM on old phone (C902), then put SIM into iPhone, then in the settings menu, there should be an option to copy contacts to phone, thats what I did.

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    Hi there!

    Thanks for the replies.....It finally did work I kept on trying it....and it finally copied! lol

    Any ideas for the bolt on?

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    WiFi allows you free access to Hotspots, Unlimited Web is via GPRS & you dont need to be in a Hotspot area

    I think you have the contracts confused. The phone has wifi built in, so I can't see how they would charge you for using it.
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