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    Hey People,

    I have an iPhone, which has been jailbroken and unlocked with the use of the ultrasn0w. Now I have recently noticed that when speaking to someone my voice is really crackly on their side, so will be restoring this.

    Now I'm uninstalling everything off the phone, but now I will update this to the latest firmware and unlock it via the 02 website? Is there any disadvantage to this? can I still jailbreak it after? or shall I just unlock it using blackrain?



    Mine is unlocked via o2, im running 3.1.2 and also jailbroken.

    No problems here

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    Thanks Manj!

    I'm currently on fw 3.0, am now uninstalling all the software etc

    Manj, another quick question....I'm got the simplicity (not the iPhone version) and am using that in my it true that upgrading to the current firmware slows it down and could you also tell me what APN settings you are using for the cellular data?

    Just that I'm using and it works fine but when I put it doesn't work?


    if u upgrade to latest version chances are you wont be able to jailbreak it for a while\ worst case ever (or so they say... because of some changes)
    But jailbreaking shudnt cause this problem... sounds more like a hanset issue.

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    Thanks for the reply bro!

    Would you advise I upgrade the fw via iTunes?

    Would appreciate the advice!

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    if i was you I would restore it to your current firmware. then you can try it and see if the issue resolves, and if it doesnt then you still have the option to jailbreak as the firmware isnt any different
    And if it doesnt work you can just give it to O2\Apple to fix.
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