iphone itunes app problem...can anyone help

    We have itunes on our main computer in the house that up till now has all our ipods on.
    My partner recently bought an iphone and downloaded itunes on to his laptop and connected his new iphone to his laptop so he could get his contacts etc.
    He has since bought some apps etc downloading them to the phone.
    I would like to be able to put these apps on a new touch but if i connect my partners iphone to the main computer i am scared i will delete or loose his contacts etc. Can i get his apps onto the main computer that has itunes, There must be a way otherwise i would have to pay twice.


    connect to the apps store with the touch via your wireless-dont use the pc-you can download direct to the touch-when prompted for account and password,enter the same details your partner used to download-you get a prompt saying "you have already bought this app,would you like to download again for free"-job done

    everything I download direct to my touch and pay for my kids can grab for free using my account

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    ah that makes sense unfortunately i have already downloaded about a dozen games onto the pc itunes ready to load onto the them when the games were reduced and still looking.
    In view of this it would make more sense to be able as a one off to get the few games my partner has onto the main pc.
    Both my boys are very used to using itunes with their ipods from the main pc, So its just a case of somehow snatching the few games my partner has that we would like for the touch.

    You should be able to sync multiple iDevices to one account fine. It's the iPod that can only sync to one PC, not the other way round. I have three iPod syncing to once PC, and two iPod Touches that sync to another. It will wipe to the Touch before syncing though.

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    Thanks have repped you both.
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