iphone jailbreaking question - probably stupid

I'm trying to jailbreak an iphone with not much success - am I supposed to jailbreak it with an O2 sim card in it? I had it jailbroken already, bought a game through itunes and couldn't get it onto my iphone so for some stupid reason I thought I'd restore it and jailbreak it all over again. Now I can't do anything

It's an 8GB old iphone, not 3G


Do you mean you've restored from back up or you've upgraded on iTunes ? I 'think' the new upgrade isn't able to be jailbroken yet. . .

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Oh bum! I've done the restore on itunes, which also upgraded it.

lol, if it's 3.1 it cant be jailbroken yet.

Give it a week or so though & see what happens

Just check the site you get the jailbreak from the first time, they'll be a new version around soon there always is.

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Haha, I'm such an idiot I astound myself

The girl opposite me at work did the same thing last week, it's easy to do.

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Heh, some of us (ie me) are more prone to making stupid mistakes than others

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quickpwn? I'm off to google it now, thanks

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the porter I'm such a n00b to this sort of thing, do I need to downgrade it first? And do I need to have an O2 sim card in it when I do it?


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Thanks, I'm pc

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Oooo thank you, I hope this works xx
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