Found 20th Aug 2009
Is there a application, or something that will convert my ipod music into a ringtone?

Please help, im sick of the built in stuff!

And yes my phone is jailbroken! Thank u xx


I think there is a app called 'iringer' for windows.

Just a stand alone .exe

Might help with the converts

Use a song you put on to your PC not an iTunes downloaded one

Right click the song and select 'Info'
There is a tab cannot remember name of it but you can amend start and end time of a song
Change this to a 30 second period of the song you want as ringtone
select ok
Right click song again and 'Convert to AAC'
This will create the 30 second version of song
Go to your iTunes music folder and find the song you created. Will be a M4A file type and will be the smaller sized version of the same song (e.g. original file 4mb new file 1mb)
Right click to amend file name and change M4A to M4R
Double click new file and will open in ringtones on iTunes.

Remember to go back in to the original song and amend the start and finish times

There are loads of more detailed tutorials on Google but this is from memory as done have itunes in front of me

try this site

Original Poster

Thank you all of you!!!!! : ) xxx

try [url][/url] works for me, saves messing about changing the file around, you can just download the ringtone ready to put straight onto itunes...
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