iPhone navigation problem (jailbroken 4.1 3GS)

    Hi to all,
    Just want to know if Tom Tom & Co-Pilot really work,
    or are they a waste of time.
    Been trying to get them to work, but no joy.
    Thanks in advance.


    yes they work.

    Been working fine for me since 3.13, now on 4.2.1 jailbroken 3GS

    Tomtom rocks!!

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    yes they work.

    I have Tom Tom installed but it won't locate my position, am I missing something in the settings, or
    It might be that I am dumb, lol

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    Any help to get started will be appreciated, thanks

    Did u click "allow" to location pop up? or it could be turned off in the settings

    U can reset location warnings in settings/general/ then reset tab, then reboot and reload tom-tom and say yes to allow
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    Oh and i doubt it will ever work indoors, or in cars with heated windscreens lol

    try navfree its pretty good aswell. not better than tomtom or co pilot

    this is important- which iphone are u using?

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    iPhone 3GS 32gb

    tomtom was awful on my 16gb 3gs on jailbroken 4.0, totally useless. didnt know where it was most of the time.

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    I've tried Tom Tom & co pilot, but they both don't seem to pick up a signal
    & yes I have allowed the location services &
    Even tried re installing & re booting.

    you should have no probs with a 3gs

    i use tomtom and navigon both work like a dream

    why not upgrade to 4.2? its jailbreakable

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    you should have no probs with a 3gsi use tomtom and navigon both work … you should have no probs with a 3gsi use tomtom and navigon both work like a dreamwhy not upgrade to 4.2? its jailbreakable

    Thanks will try

    first thing you should do is to use the native maps app using wifi as agps this will refresh your gps location and relock the satelite position

    tomtom will then refresh and work
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