Iphone needed

    I cant seem to find an iphone. eve3rywhere out of stock looking for an 8gb one buying at RRP if possible


    Good Luck:p I cant get one either. We should have bought when we could as my local o2 shop tells me they will not be getting any more in stock:whistling:

    you know that the RRP is £269 and that it was on offer for £100 less. lol

    I can give you mine for £269 if you want. lol


    i'll sell you mind for £269,comes with a nice protective skin over it and has been in a hard plastic shell since day of purchase,plus has a screen cover and comes with all the stuff you get with a new it's mint


    try ebay

    i was looking for about £235 for mine really lol. Its just as new Still has plastic cover on it and also bought another case for it. I have unlocked and customized it too.


    i was just offering mine and see how much they are willing to spend,i think around £235 is still a good deal for this phone as mine is locked which i can get unlocked so basically you can get a near new iphone unlocked for around £240 posted

    He would have posted on the trade forums if he wanted to buy one this way i think guys.

    I have a 16gb if you are still interested..?

    hi, i was in cpw this morning in oxford street, they have been saying that o2 have still been getting stock in, but they still get sold very quickly......
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