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    Hi I'm currently into my last month of my contract with O2 on an Iphone 3G 8GB, and was wondering if people could give me their views on upgrading as I've noticed there are quite a few clued up people on here

    I contacted O2 upgrades and they said the best they could do for me is £47/month for an Iphone 4, with a charge for the phone, and they counldn't price match with other networks. So I've cancelled.

    I'm looking for an Iphone 4 as I'm not really that bothered about waiting for a 5, mainly because I dont want to pay a considerably high monthly fee or/and an upfront fee when it arrives, if it arrives this year. Plus I've got the mother in law breathing down my neck for the phone I have now lol.

    Anyway, I found via a price comparison site : -
    Iphone 4 - free handset - 900 mins - unlim texts - 750mb - £40/month
    This is with Vodafone.

    I found a similar deal with Orange for £45.

    My questions are -
    Which network is more reliable (coverage/customer service/3g)?
    Is this a good deal?
    If you go through these price comparison sites, are there any underlying/hidden costs as the guy from O2 tried this tactic when offering me an upgrade.

    Thanks in advance for your help. Cheers


    I'd say Orange. Now they have mast sharing with T-mobile (and 3g sharing a month or so).
    Between them they'll have most of the UK covered. ..

    I think there's £150 quidco with T-mobile at the moment so worth considering the equivelant deal with them.

    I went with Tesco and was well happy with them. I have friends who have changed to Orange and Voda and they all say their new networks are slower than O2's. Tesco's only has problems when your in a crowd.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your advice everyone, I'll check T-mobile and Tesco out. Cheers!
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