I have registered my iphone to my home network but when I try to get on maps it says that I need to connect to a cellular data service. How do I do this? Please reply, there's a rep waiting!


    sorry dont know your answer x

    but what do you reckon to the ipod im thinking off getting one you see x

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    it is pretty great

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    I am using my sky one but it doesn't have a blue fan. Also, youtube is very slow. Do you know why this is?

    You need either a WiFi connection or a phone data connection to load the maps. If you get the cellular data service message then you are almost certainly not connected to wifi

    You then need a phone signal ie reception to provide your approximate location.

    If you have wifi connect to this first before loading maps. This will load the map images etc off wifi. Then click the locate button to use the phone network to find your location.

    To check wifi is connected:
    Press Settings
    Press Wi-Fi
    Check that your network name is shown and ticked
    If not, select your network and setup your connection

    If you don't have wifi, you need to use your phone network's data service.... this can work out expensive if you don't choose eg a £1 daily cap option.

    To add your network's data settings:

    Press Settings
    Press General
    Press Network
    Press Cellular Data Network
    Enter the APN, username and password for your network

    These settings are for your data/internet/gprs connection and will solve any "not subscribed to cellular data" type messages. You can then load maps etc even where you don't have wifi.

    make sure your software is up-to-date, the current one is 2.1
    if not update using itunes
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