Posted 8th Jan 2023 (Posted 17 h, 28 m ago)
What are people’s thoughts on these phones that appear on eBay? Still can’t understand why you would open an iPhone, to then sell it as brand new? Seems lots are buying them though judging by how many are on eBay. Does anyone have any insight as to what the history of these normally are? Customer returns perhaps?
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    maybe to make sure the phones actually in the box and people dont scam claiming its empty
    These companies also sell ‘new sealed’. My concern would be that they are returned due to a fault found by the original customer.
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    Change of mind returns, swap stock that's no longer needed, insurance devices, demo or display devices, damaged boxes that have been refused upon delivery then checked and confirmed the contents are still fine etc etc.

    There's lots of possible explanations for these. Although some of the stock you see on eBay that claims to be never used has sometimes had a small amount of use.
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    I don't see any difference if the box had been opened to check for its content or if it's sealed. But Brits are crazy about sealed items and to buy insurance for every crap (edited)
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    I believe it's old season's unsold stock that manufacturers don't want selling off cheap as it might reduce the brand image.
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    Many of them have the screen sticker removed and have been activated for apple warranty. Just find it strange that you would do this if it’s ‘brand new’.
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    Open Box = customer return within 14 days.
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