iPhone not working with itunes ?

    Sorry, I'm usually pretty good with computers.

    Unlocked my iPhone and all working well BUT

    I can't drop music from my iTunes library onto my iPhone ?

    As soon as I grab the album cover I just get the red NO sign ?

    is it me ??



    Does your iphone show up in itunes?

    What did you use to unlock?

    And Did you keep itunes open when unlocking?

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    zipphone, I think itunes might have been open...unsure.

    should I restore and redo the unlock ?

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    it does show up in itunes btw

    Is all your music in iTunes library.

    Are you downloading the artwork through your iTunes account ?

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    all music is in a Music folder not in the itunes library.

    I do download artwork through itunes but arn't at the mo

    It drags fine from a folder for me.

    Uninstall/Reinstall iTunes. It should ask if you want it to automatically find music, click yes.

    Have you tried adding the folder to your library ?

    itunes > file > add folder to library > select folder containing music

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    it's in my library, just can't drag to the iphone.

    will try uninstall


    It drags fine from a folder for me.

    Does for me as well. :thumbsup:

    I didn't have a problem at all. Never had an iPod, only iPhone.

    If the library is correct, have you tried dragging & dropping from a windows folder containing an mp3 on to your iphone in itunes ?

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    yeah itunes is fine, reinstalled, still can drag and drop to iphone ??

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    manually manage music needs to be checked


    cheers guys

    Doh, forgot about that option. Enjoy your phone You got the mxtube app installed ? Check out my favourite youtube vids thread in the misc section, some funny vids there.

    Welcome to HUKD BTW.
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