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Found 7th Aug 2008
I was wondering has anyone who is an existing O2 customer (NOT with the old iPhone) managed to get any kind of deal with new iPhone 3G?

I just think it is a joke that they haven't offered me anything extra over new customers... so I was hoping I can guilt them into it "well this person had this"

Oh and I appreciate all (if any lol) replies!
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Unfortunalely there are no deals for existing customers.You have to wait for some time,to get deal,if any.
Thanx... slightly disappointed now if anyone here's of anything please let me know!

Ta muchly!
I am so annoyed with o2 its such a joke!

I distinctly remember (unless I am going crazy) that before the iphone 3 g came out, o2 were offering their o2 customers chance to upgrade early to a new iphone and iphone tarrif.

When the iphone 3g came out, it then changed to existing iphone customers!

I called customer services and a lady at o2 said that originally all o2 customers were able to upgrade as long as they take out a new iphone tarrif with the iphone. Then their orders from management were that this offer was now only limited to iphone customers! I assume because they dont have enough stock. She was nice enough and apologised and said that there is nothing she can do!

I tried o2 again yesterday to see if they could use their discretion and allow me to upgrade early. I was told that I cannot upgrade early. I will need to pay the remainder of my contract which ends in May 09. My monthly tarrif is £40 but as I have been a loyal o2 customer for the past 5 years they give me a £10 discount every month. They said despite paying £30 a month if I cancel my contract I need to pay the £40per month not the actual £30! What a joke!

Then I asked if I waited till May to upgrade could I be allowed to use my £10 discount on the iphone tarrif? I was told no! I would loose my discount, despite being with o2 for over 5 years!

Such a joke. I pray that another service provider gets rights to apple.

Surely what o2/apple are doing is anti competitive behaviour?
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