iphone of o2

    if i order an iphone of what do i do to make sure that i don't have to sign up for a contract......

    i know how to unlock it but how do o2 try and get you to sign up for a contract and what should i do to disregard it? will they imei block my phone?


    I found out today by reading another thread and somone can correct me if I am wrong

    Buy the phone pay for the iPhone
    Do NOT activate it using iTunes just jailbreak and activate using somthing like zIphone

    and then O2 do not charge you contract.

    Is that how it works?

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    yeh sounds right but i need confirmation from someone who has actually done it!

    lol if this is true ill go and pick up up 2mmrow from O2 for £169

    i was told by cpw to download itunes (turn off updates as you can do these through installer) and then download ziphone to unlock it easy as that (i hope cos tomorrow im gonna do mine :))


    so cpw told you how to unlock it?

    yeah they did the guy who sold me it and another guy the following day when i was in to cancel insurance on my other phone

    the guy showed me his running on orange


    Wow, would never thought that they would do that.

    i would also like to know... could i just go into CPW tomo and pick one up or will the harras me to connect etc and then start charging on the card?????

    please help so confused surly they dont let you buy it and just walk off

    Bought one from cpw online on thurs arrived fri used ziphone and is now on o2 payg! very easy to do and everything working perfectly, had to give bank details on ordering which was scary but hopefully no charges will be made, am trusting fellow HUKDer's for that! :thumbsup:

    i too will like more information on this! I know about the really long and hot thread going, but it's far too long to read or do a decent search on it. Can you really buy it at that price and NOT have a contract? Please i really want to know this.....

    ziphone it they wont block!

    there sold out everywhere!
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