Iphone on 3 - Help please!

    I've got a 3 contract phone which i don't like and want an iphone.... problem is i keep hearing different stories as to wether this is possible.

    Can you use a 3 contract sim in an unlocked 3g s iphone???



    yes... i think

    actually i would deffo say yes

    It should, visual voice mail won't work (as 3 don't support it).

    Make sure you have a large data bundle on your acc or you'll have a heck of a bill at the end of your first month...

    yeah think it wasn't possible before but seems to have been working since the beginning of the year

    i seen one on flea bay once. It had been unlocked or somthing for another network but then only worked with a 3 sim!

    Original Poster

    Thanks. I preume you mean a data bundle so i can go on web pages???

    New to the iphone so excuse me being a bit slow! lol

    3 sell the iphone on there network but only if you have a high usage, :thumbsup:

    yes i have a 3 contract sim in my iphone 3G, it won't work on 2G. But u can't access 3 webpages.. i asked for the wap settings but they said they don't have any..

    Echo the previous repliers. I have my 32GB 3GS using the 3 SIM card without any problems at all.

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