iphone on trip to new york?

    My girlfriend is going to new york tommorow

    anyone have any suggestions as to how she can get me an iphone?

    do you have to buy them with a US AT&T contract or can you buy them sim free?



    You need to pay at least some of the price by Credit Card, and I'd guess it has to be an American one.
    I think you can but it without a contract but obviously you'd need to unlock it and get around activation.

    From what ive heard you need a credit or debit card but doesnt have to be a US one.
    You can unlock by following step by step on
    Cost US $399 so under £200 uk!
    Def bargain
    Im waiting for my cousin to go and grab me one.
    Apple UK you need to sign up to O2 18 month contract even in the Apple store. This info from Apple employee Bullring Birmingham

    I'm not sure either.

    If you can get it pay as you go in the US then it should be fine.
    If its only on a monthly contract then you would need a US bank.

    If you already have a contract phone here, then see if they will do any deals when they come out to stay on their network.

    And £200 a bargain, i cant see iPhones taking off here.
    Too expensive and too basic.
    Can see the prices dropping for them here anyway, or at least they will drop the 18 month contract requirement.

    It's not on PAYG in the US, and you don't need a a US bank account with it being on contract.

    I believe you can get it sim only (PAYG) in the US for $400 for the handset? MAybe i'm wrong. Going to get the missus to get one when she's away to Huston next week....but haven't researched it much yet!
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