iPhone or BlackBerry?

    I'm looking at getting a smartphone when my contract expires in 3 months time, I can't decide between the iPhone or getting a BlackBerry. I don't know much about either of the phones, I'd need it for emails, social media (Twitter, my blog), calling, texting and navigation mainly. If anyone could make any recommendations, I'd be really grateful. Thanks!


    get a HTC HD2

    I have a Blackberry Storm 9520 & a iPhone 3GS and much prefer the iPhone. Just more intuitive and friendly.

    iPhone ;-).

    Just got my new it

    I had a Blackberry as a work phone, bought an iphone and would never go back.


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    I have both and it's the iphone hands down

    I have HTC HD2 missus has iPhone..have to say iPhone is much more enjoyable and I use my Ipod Touch a lot more than I do I should have got an iPhone too really

    you will not get any better than iphone at the moment but make sure you get 3gs not 3g

    If you want to pay through the nose for a phone then get an Iphone, otherwise get the Blackberry.

    I wouldn't mind an Iphone but I ain't paying for it and a few apps I'll use once or twice.

    Definetly iPhone, nothing can touch it at the moment...unless you wait awhile and go for the Nexus or other HTC offerings coming very soon.
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