iPhone Or HTC

    I am trying to update my phone on my vodafone contract and wanted an iphone - they are not doing very good deals so I am considering an HTC - can anyone tell me if they are ok and which HTC phone is the best one to get as they are offering much better deals on these!
    Thanks, Kate


    I think the Desire HD is the newest and best HTC phone at the moment, as for a comparison I would say the iphone is the best but as an alternative the htc is a perfectly good phone , large screen , slim design but poor battery life but which smart phone has a good one. Try google theres plenty of sites that you can compare the two on .

    Id say that most HTC phones are better than the iphone,

    Desire Z is meant to have v good battery life. I get 2- 3 days out of my Samsung galaxy S.

    If its any help Topcashback are giving £110.00 for anyone taking out an iphone contract via Vodaphone

    iPHONE 4 is by far the better looking phone in my opinion anyway but they both get rave reviews from whoever you ask so both top phones

    Funny thread.

    Owning an HTC Desire HD and as a former owner of an iPhone 3G... I'd say go for the iPhone 4 if you can afford it. If not the Desire HD is a bit cheaper and does a decent job, just not as nice to use as the iPhone

    Have both, the Htc is a better phone, but the android app store is pizz poor in comparison to apple store.

    Desire HD gets my vote.... Except the rather **** poor rear speaker.
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